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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Windows 8

date: 10 апреля 2013 / author: izograv / категория: Windows / views: 2224 / comments: 0

The Complete Idiot\'s Guide to Microsoft Windows 8 by Paul McFedries

When I bought my first computer, it was running Windows 3.Something-or-Other. I had never run a GUI before, but a few quick lessons from my IT-Guy hubby and I was up and going. Several years later, I was in Win 95, then 98, then XP. I never had a problem figuring out how to do what I wanted to, and never needed a manual. I could customize and configure to my heart's content, install hardware and software, and wipe my hard drive and reinstall the OS, no problem. So when I ordered my new computer, I figured it'd be a snap, I'd just boot up and let the good times roll.

Little did I know I was entering the world of Microsoft's schizophrenic, multiple-personality-disorder bastard child, a.k.a. Windows 8. I knew I was in trouble when I sat there confronted with a Start screen that had all the welcoming charm of an electric chair, and all the functionality of a third nipple on a man. Staring at the tiles and wondering what the hell I was supposed to do, I realized I was going to have to do the unthinkable: buy a book.

I could go into why I think Microsoft designed Windows 8 the way they did, and how chintzy they're getting by not shipping at least a quick start guide with this mishmosh of an operating system, but to cut to the chase: I went to my local bookstore and compared all the how-to books, and this is the one I came home with.

Not that the other ones didn't look good, but they had a lot of chapters I knew I wouldn't need--about gaming and webcamming, for example. The Complete Idiot's guide also has stuff I knew I wouldn't use, but it does cover the stuff I do need. In particular, now that Microsoft is too cheap to ship recovery discs, it discusses how to create your own recovery media. It also deals pretty well with the Metro interface. But what I appreciated more than I had thought I would is its tips on how to use your keyboard to get stuff done. There is even a list of keyboard shortcuts in the back, which is very handy. Given that Windows 8 has a tablet-type interface *and* a desktop, you have to wonder why they put in so many keyboard shortcuts and then decided never to tell you they exist. So I was really glad this book covered that.

I would give the book five stars except that it seems like some of the text was lifted from their Windows 7 edition and not re-edited. But it definitely gets four stars for being easy to understand and covering a lot of ground. I still think Windows 8 is bizarre and user-punishing, but at least now I can get stuff done, and after all, that's what a how-to book is supposed to do.

You may find you need more advanced information after reading this book, but this is the one I would recommend to get you started. And it's a lot less stressful than spending hours on the phone with Tech (non)Support and still not getting your questions answered. I consider it money well spe


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