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Instant PhpStorm Starter

date: 6 апреля 2013 / author: izograv / категория: Php / views: 2716 / comments: 0

Instant PhpStorm Starter by Wlodzimierz Gajda

Welcome to Instant PhpStorm Starter. The efficiency of your work heavily depends
on the tools you use. In order to achieve high productivity you have to reconsider
your workbench. How much of your time is lost by performing simple yet
unavoidable operations? Searching in the manual for a function you just called in
your code, typing the same fragment of code for the hundredth time, preparing
API documentation, or formatting the code to comply with standards—all of these
tasks, simple though they are, will consume a lot of your time. What would you
say to a magic wand that just performs them, with a single click or a keyboard
shortcut? Marvelous?
For PHP programmers, this magic wand is called PhpStorm. The IDE created by
professionals for professionals.
This book contains the following sections:
So, what is PhpStorm? will start with a brief introduction, underlining why you
should try PhpStorm and what it can do for you.
Installation explains how you can get PhpStorm up and running on your system.
The application is platform independent—you can follow instructions appropriate
for your environment.
Quick start – your first PHP application
Impatient? Let's stop talking and get to work. Without any further ado we will
create a fully-fledged web application using Symfony2 framework. Then we will
discuss basic features of the PhpStorm interface.
Top features you need to know about will dive into the most productive options that
make PhpStorm shine. Its unsurpassed capabilities in guessing your intentions as
far as possible include not only autocompletion and hinting but also code injection
and live templates. These are context-sensitive operations. In some cases you
don't have to type the code at all, as it can be generated automatically. Generators
discussed in this section will lift the burden of type setters, getters and magic
functions from your shoulders.


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