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jQuery For Dummies

date: 17 июня 2010 / author: izograv / категория: Java/Javacript, Ajax, for Dummies / views: 2422 / comments: 0

jQuery For Dummies by Lynn Beighley

Learn how jQuery can make your Web page or blog stand out from the crowd!

jQuery is free, open source software that allows you to extend and customize Joomla!, Drupal, AJAX, and WordPress via plug-ins. Assuming no previous programming experience, Lynn Beighley takes you through the basics of jQuery from the very start.

You'll discover how the jQuery library separates itself from other JavaScript libraries through its ease of use, compactness, and friendliness if you're a beginner programmer.

Written in the easy-to-understand style of the For Dummies brand, this book demonstrates how you can add unique and exciting interactivity to a Web site or WordPress blog, including photo browsers, menus, tab-based navigation, sliding sidepanels, slideshows, transition effects, fade effects, Twitter feeds, and much, much more!

* Walks you through the capabilities of jQuery, the number one open source JavaScript library that enables you to provide interactivity on a Web site or blog
* Helps you understand DOM (Document Object Model) scripting, applying CSS classes via JQuery, and adding in special effects and jQuery plug-ins to your site
* Shows you how to create dazzling special effects on your site, including fades, slide shows, sliding panels, tabbed navigation, and more
* Explains how to add customized Twitter feeds, RSS feeds to aggregate content on your site, or add a photo browser to a site or blog
* Introduces ways to create jQuery plug-ins for WordPress, Drupal, and more

If you have queries about how you can make your blog or Web site stand apart from the crowd, jQuery For Dummies is the book for you!


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