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Java: The Good Parts

date: 30 апреля 2010 / author: izograv / категория: Java/Javacript / views: 2093 / comments: 0

Java: The Good Parts by Jim Waldo

What if you could simplify Java to uncover its very best features, and learn how to build better applications with those parts alone? In this book, Jim Waldo - leader of the Jini project and one of the most highly respected developers in the Java world - peels away 15 years of additions and changes to reveal which features of Java work and which don't, and how the good parts make Java one of the best programming languages available. In an honest and straightforward manner, Waldo pulls no punches in Java: The Good Parts. Java has accumulated a considerable amount of crud over the years: the language has become a large and complex, and the libraries associated with it have grown even more. You may not like some of the features Waldo reveals, but they'll actually help you write better code. Learn from one of Java's greatest masters how you can become a better software developer by using the parts of Java that matter most. This book is essential for every Java developer, from beginners to advanced programmers.


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