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iPhone Advanced Projects

date: 6 ноября 2009 / author: izograv / категория: Mobile / views: 1850 / comments: 0

iPhone Advanced Projects by Joachim Bondo, Dylan Bruzenak, Steve Finkelstein, and Owen Goss

As the fourth book in our series of iPhone Projects based on the work and experiences of iPhone, this volume takes on the more advanced aspects of iPhone development. The first generation of iPhone applications has hit the App Store, and now it's time to optimize performance, streamline the user interface, and make every successful iPhone app just that much more sophisticated.

Paired with Apress's bestselling Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK, you'll have everything you need to create the next great iPhone app that everyone is talking about.

* Optimize performance.
* Streamline your user interface.
* Do things with your iPhone app that other developers haven't attempted.

Along with Series Editor Dave Mark, your guides for this exploration of the next level of iPhone development, include:

* Ben “Panda” Smith, discussing particle systems using OpenGL ES
* Joachim Bondo , demonstrating his implementation of correspondence gaming in the most recent version of his chess application, Deep Green.
* Tom Harrington implementing streaming audio with Core Audio, one of many iPhone OS 3 APIs.
* Owen Goss debugging those pesky errors in your iPhone code with an eye toward achieving professional-strength results.
* Dylan Bruzenak building a data-driven application with SQLite.
* Ray Kiddy illustrating the full application development life cycle with Core Data.
* Steve Finkelstein marrying an offline eMail client to Core Data.
* Peter Honeder and Florian Pflug tackling the challenges of networked applications in WiFi environments.
* Jonathan Saggau improving interface responsiveness with some of his personal tips and tricks, including “blocks” and other esoteric techniques.
* Joe Pezzillo pushing the frontiers of APNS, the new in iPhone OS 3 Apple Push Notification Service that makes the Cloud the limit for iPhone apps.
* Noel Llopis taking mere programmers into a really advanced developmental adventure into the world of Environment Mapping with OpenGL ES.

What you'll learn

* Use wi-fi to do more than simply connect to the Internet.
* Communicate with other iPhone users in real time.
* Mash up GPS and other information to present data in unique ways.
* Take advantage of all the tricks built into Cocoa Touch.
* Convert your iPhone and iPod touch apps for use in other environments.
* Convert your other mobile apps for use with iPhone and iPod touch.

Who is this book for?

All iPhone application developers with any level of experience or coming from any development platform, though this title is the natural choice after any of the other iPhone X Projects books.


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