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VMware VI3 Implementation and Administration

date: 1 июля 2009 / author: izograv / views: 1274 / comments: 0

VMware VI3 Implementation and Administration by Eric Siebert

The Definitive Guide to Planning, Implementing, Securing, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3

This is the most comprehensive guide to planning for, implementing, securing, maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting VMware VI3 in any IT environment. Written by Eric Siebert, a veteran VMware system administrator and one of only 300 vExperts named by VMware in 2009, this book will help IT professionals make the best possible decisions about VMware every step of the way.

Siebert presents extensive coverage of the upfront planning and architectural tasks that can make or break VMware deployments, sharing practical insights you’ll never find in the official documentation. Next, he presents dozens of tips, tricks, and best practices for everything from migration and configuration to backup. Along the way, Siebert introduces advanced techniques for optimizing both the efficiency of VMware system administration and the effectiveness of VMware virtual environments. Coverage includes

Understanding your current infrastructure--and all the ways virtualization will change it
Building VI3 environments for maximum reliability and performance
Choosing the right software, servers, storage, and network infrastructure
Constructing your virtualized environment
Configuring virtual networking, storage, and resources to maximize host and guest performance
Systematically securing hosts, VMs, networks, and vCenter Servers
Mastering best practices for populating virtual environments, including P2V migration, templating, and the use of ISO files
Monitoring your virtual environment, analyzing metrics, and proactively eliminating bottlenecks
Applying patches to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities without introducing problems caused by unexpected dependencies
Troubleshooting virtual environments: identifying and resolving specific problems, one step at a time
Improving administration with snapshots, scripting, and other advanced technique


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