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date: 15 января 2009 / author: izograv / категория: Django / views: 3596 / comments: 0

Django 1.0 Template Development by Scott Newman

A comprehensive, practical exploration of the usage and customization of Django's template system, including tutorials on pagination, caching, and internationalization. This book is for web developers and template authors who want to fully understand and utilize the Django template system. The reader should have completed the introductory tutorials on the Django project's website and some experience with the framework will be very helpful. Basic knowledge of Python and HTML is assumed.

The book does a good job of focusing in on the Django template system, specifically focusing on what a Web designer would need to know to work well with a back-end developer.

It includes just enough Python and Django knowledge to provide a good context and background to folks who already have to worry about balance, typography, color, standards compliance and browser incompatibilities.

I'd say that if you were a freelance Web designer who wanted to venture into doing some light development for clients you could start with the book and one other Python or Django reference to have enough knowledge to leverage the admin interface, generic views, and of course templates.

But if you're a designer working with a development team and you really don't care about caching, middleware or trailing commas on tuples you can easily skip past those sections and just stay focused on template coding.

My one pony request is that the book should talk a bit more about strategies for template inheritance, naming conventions, includes, template management and the like. But a lot of that knowledge is only applicable to folks in largish Django deployments and I could see where it'd overwhelm a designer just trying to learn the template system.


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