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date: 21 декабря 2008 / author: izograv / категория: LINQ, for Dummies / views: 2205 / comments: 0

LINQ For Dummies by John Paul Mueller

Link up with LINQ and see how you can query almost anything!

So you're the inquisitive type? LINQ answers your biggest query — "Why can't I develop database and XML queries in a language I already know?" This book introduces you to LINQ and the .NET Framework technologies, so you can use LINQ to query any object, any dataset, any kind of XML, SQL Server, and more — no questions asked.

* Connect with LINQ — understand the tasks LINQ performs, declarative programming, and how to use LINQ in the real world
* Extend yourself — examine .NET language extensions and work with extension methods, partial methods, lambda expressions, and query expressions
* Choose your language — work with LINQ using C# along with Visual Basic® or Visual Studio®
* LINQ up — LINQ to DataSet operators, SQL server operations, XML API, or Active Directory®
* Deal with databases — download and install the Northwind database, generate Northwind entity classes, and create the Northwind XML mapping file

Visit the companion Web site at www.dummies.com/go/linqfd for all the source code you need

Open the book and find:

* How LINQ lets you create more efficient applications with less code
* An overview of the LINQ namespaces
* What to do with expression trees
* The four LINQ providers in .NET Framework
* How to use objects with LINQ
* What LINQ can do for the Visual Studio developer
* Techniques for getting information about your applications
* The easiest ways to access data


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