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date: 29 2008 / author: izograv / : C / views: 3486 / comments: 0

WPF Recipes in C# 2008: A Problem-Solution Approach by Allen Jones, Sam Bourton, and Sam Noble

WPF offers amazing new opportunities to .NET programmers in terms of the user interfaces they can deliver to their customers. But this significant technological advance comes with a steep learning curve, requiring the programmer to learn new classes, new syntax, and an entirely new approach to UI development.

Although WPF has been generally available for over a year, commercial takeup has been relatively slow, and the publicly available body of knowledge has been weak in terms of realworld examples and bestpractice information.

Using WPF Recipes in C# 2008, youll find a simple and straightforward approach to solving the problems you face every day. Each solution contains a complete, working example that demonstrates how to make the best use of WPF. You can use the example as a template to solve your own problem or as a base on which to build a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Packed with wellstructured and documented solutions to a broad range of common WPF problems, this book, which presents the only WPF recipes currently published, will be a valuable addition to any C# programmers reference library. Examples included provide you with a rich source of information as you begin to learn and will be an invaluable quickreference guide once youre a proficient WPF programmer.

The emphasis on solving the daytoday WPF problems that all programmers face frees you from needing to trawl through weighty programming tomes or sift through API documentation, allowing you to focus on the more interesting and innovative aspects of your project.
What youll learn

* Get handson experience applying WPF to realworld business applications.
* Find quick answers to common problems.
* Develop a new mindset to UI development and a new approach to implementation from the authors experience in graphics.
* Peruse clear and concise code samples that demonstrate solutions to specific problems.

Who is this book for?

This book will benefit intermediatetoadvanced professional C# programmers who want clearly documented and working code samples that demonstrate solutions to common problems encountered when programming WPF. The authors believe WPF technology is new and complex enough, and their experience is deep enough that their recipes will provide value to all but the most experienced WPF programmers.


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