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date: 22 мая 2008 / author: izograv / категория: SOA / views: 3324 / comments: 1

Implementing SOA : Total Architecture in Practice by Paul C. Brown

In his first book, Succeeding with SOA, Paul Brown explained that if enterprise goals are to be met, business processes and information systems must be designed together as parts of a total architecture. In this second book, Implementing SOA, he guides you through the entire process of designing and developing a successful total architecture at both project and enterprise levels. Drawing on his own extensive experience, he provides best practices for creating services and leveraging them to create robust and flexible SOA solutions.

Coverage includes

* Evolving the enterprise architecture towards an SOA while continuing to deliver business value on a project-by-project basis
* Understanding the fundamentals of SOA and distributed systems, the dominant architectural issues, and the design patterns for addressing them
* Understanding the distinct roles of project and enterprise architects and how they must collaborate to create an SOA
* Understanding the need for a comprehensive total architecture approach that encompasses business processes, people, systems, data, and infrastructure
* Understanding the strategies and tradeoffs for implementing robust, secure, high-performance, and high-availability solutions
* Understanding how to incorporate business process management (BPM) and business process monitoring into the enterprise architecture

Whether you’re defining an enterprise architecture or delivering individual SOA projects, this book will give you the practical advice you need to get the job done.


Comments: 1

1. ggalstyan | 26 мая 2008 - 09:28

На spbland-e файла нет. У меня доступ к другим линкам закрыт.
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