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date: 25 февраля 2008 / author: izograv / категория: Java/Javacript / views: 19081 / comments: 0

The Art & Science of JavaScript by Cameron Adams, James Edwards, Christian Heilmann, and Michael Mahemoff

We've assembled seven of the greatest minds in modern JavaScript to teach you the most inspirational techniques you'll ever use. From creating impressive mashups and stunning, dynamic graphics, to more subtle user-experience enhancements, you're about to be amazed by the true potential of this powerful language.

With an all star line-up of authors including James Edwards, Michael Mahemoff, Ara Pehlivanian, Cameron Adams, Dan Webb, Christian Heilmann, and Simon Willison, this superb book will show you how to:

# Create a slick Google Maps and Flickr mashup.
# Build your own fully accessible 3D maze.
# Create stunning vector graphics using the canvas element.
# Have some fun with draggable and sortable table columns.
# Give your site some extra personality with client-side badges.
# Write better code faster using metaprogramming techniques.
# Become a debugging expert using pro-level Firebug tricks.

This book is perfect for intermediate JavaScript developers wanting to take their JavaScript skills to the next level without sacrificing web accessibility or best practice. If you've never written a line of JavaScript before, this probably isn't the right book for you.

If you have only a small amount of experience with JavaScript, but are comfortable enough programming in another language such as PHP or Java, you'll be just fine-we'll hold your hand along the way, and all of the code is available for you to download and experiment with on your own.


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