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date: 19 февраля 2008 / author: izograv / категория: Php, Sql/Database, for Dummies / views: 4185 / comments: 0

PHP & MySQL Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies by Janet Valade, Bill Ballad, Tricia Ballad

Webmasters and Web programmers around the world know that PHP and MySQL provide a robust, easy-to-learn, open-source solution for creating dynamic, database-driven Web sites for eCommerce and content management. In fact, PHP is used in one of every three Web sites on the Internet and MySQL has been downloaded millions of times. PHP and MySQL provide a freely downloadable and widely supported alternative to ASP.NET.

Written by the bestselling author of PHP & MySQL For Dummies, this book provides six discreet minibooks that show you not only how to program in PHP, create and administer a MySQL database, and manipulate MySQL data via a Web interface, but also shows you how to create a secure Web site, and how to code the most popular Web applications, such as login programs and shopping cart applications.

The minibooks are organized as follows:

* Book I: PHP Programming - Setting Up Your PHP Environment, PHP Basics, Building PHP Scripts, PHP and Your Operating System, Object-Oriented Programming.
* Book II: Using MySQL - Setting Up MySQL, Administering MySQL, Building a Database, Other Administrative Tasks, Using MySQL Administrator, Using MySQL Query, Using phpMyAdmin.
* Book III: Using PHP with MySQL - Communicating with the Database; Creating and Modifying Database Structure; Adding, Updating, and Removing Data; Retrieving Data from the Database; Advanced Features.
* Book IV: Security - Server Security, Apache Security, Programming Securely in PHP, Using SSL.
* Book V: PHP Extensions - Introducing Extensions, Working with Packages Using PEAR, Using the XML Extension, Generating Graphics with the GD Extension.
* Book VI: PHP Web Applications - Building and Processing Dynamic Forms, Making Information Available on Multiple Web Pages, Building a Login Application, Building an Online Catalog, Building a Shopping Cart, Building a Content Management System.
* Book VII: Installation Appendixes - Installing PHP, Installing MySQL, Installing Apache.

Here's a handy toolbox for building your dynamic Web site, all in one easy-to-use book! Six convenient minibooks give you what you need to know to use PHP & MySQL — free, open-source technologies. You'll find it's easy to create a Web site that lets visitors sign on, use shopping carts, complete forms, and much more.

Discover how to:

* Set up your development environment
* Build PHP scripts
* Create a MySQL database
* Summarize and sort data results
* Design and implement user access control
* Build a shopping cart application


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