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date: 23 января 2008 / author: izograv / категория: Flex / views: 32820 / comments: 0

Flex Solutions: Essential Techniques for Flex 2 and 3 Developers by Marco Casario

As a Flex developer, you'll no doubt come across repetitive problems every day in your workwouldn't it be nice to have a library of solutions to turn to, to solve these problems quickly and easily? Well, this book provides just that, with over 100 solutions to common problems in one easy volume. In Flex 2 Solutions, renowned Flash and Flex expert Marco Casario assumes you know the basics, and dives straight into practical code examples that you could build up yourselves via step by step tutorials, and plug straight in to your own code, saving you hours of development time. Areas explored include Flex 2 components, charting, working with remote data, data validation, displaying data with list based controls, controlling the look and feel of your applications, application security, working with dynamic data sources (such as ColdFusion, PHP, and Java backends,) and much more. In each solution, Marco takes you through the workings of the example step by step, and then presents some expert's tips, which will take your understanding further, and give you unique insights into Flex development.

* Over 100 Solutions to common problems included
* Plug the code example straight into your own applications, saving hours of development time
* Covers the full spectrum of Flex 2 topics, from styling your applications, to security, and interfacing with databases.

What youll learn

* Tips on using Flex components
* How to validate and format data
* How to manage complex data
* Filtering, sorting and using cursors on data with collection classes
* How to consume Web Services using RPC components
* How to display data using list-based controls
* How to effectively compile and deploy Flex applications
* How to customize the look and feel of your applications
* How to make your applications more secure
* How to become more efficient in using the Flex Builder IDE
* Unique tricks such as calculating memory usage, making your Flex application into an active desktop, and customizing states
* How to use the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder
* How to interface your Flex applications with server-side code written in PHP, Java, Rails, and ColdFusion
* Working with Flex in enterprise enviroment using the Flex Data Services, Java Remote Object and AMFPHP


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