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Берем новость из кэша на диске

date: 12 июня 2007 / author: izograv / views: 6623 / comments: 0

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed by Kevin Hoffman, Robert Foster

This is the most comprehensive, practical guide to building enterpriseclass applications with SharePoint 2007, ASP.NET 2.0, Visual C# 2005, and the Microsoft Office 2007 system. Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Development Unleashed is designed for every working .NET developer: both those with SharePoint experience and those new to SharePoint. The authors thoroughly introduce SharePoint 2007 as a development platform and offer in-depth, example-rich coverage of every significant tool for programmers--from “Features and Solutions” to list events, from user profiles to Web Parts. You’ll walk step-by-step through building each major type of SharePoint application. You’ll also find in-depth coverage of SharePoint 2007’s rich collection of built-in Web services, including services for building document workspaces, centralizing the management of Excel spreadsheets, ensuring security, and much more.

Detailed information on how to…

* Use CAML, SharePoint’s XML-based language for defining content, manipulating searches, and more
* Work with the SharePoint Object Model
* Build reusable packages for easy deployment to SharePoint server farms
* Program SharePoint webs, sites, document libraries, and files
* Leverage SharePoint 2007’s improved lists and new list events
* Manipulate and query meetings and Meeting Workspaces
* Integrate external business data into SharePoint applications
* Construct business workflows for enterprise content management and other applications
* Program ASP.NET-based SharePoint Web Parts, from the basics to state-of-the-art techniques
* Create Web Parts that can provide and consume data through connections
* Use SharePoint 2007’s built-in Web services for managing document and Meeting Workspaces, imaging, and lists
* Centralize spreadsheet storage and management with Excel Services
* Manage user profiles and enhance application security
* Debug and deploy SharePoint 2007 applications
* Work with Records Repositories and metadata


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