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Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for Project Managers

date: 24 апреля 2007 / author: izograv / views: 6238 / comments: 0

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 for Project Managers by Kim Heldman, William Heldman

Combine the power of Excel 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and sound project management tools to bring added value to your skill set. You'll walk through a project and learn step by step how to use these powerful tools to schedule jobs, create budgets, manage processes, and share project information. Whether new to project management or a veteran, you'll discover techniques, hints, and examples you can use immediately. As a bonus, Excel templates and checklists are available online that you can apply to your next project.

* Master the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel 2007 and SharePoint Server
* Review key management skills such as communication and negotiation
* Define project goals and create a Project Charter
* Learn the five steps of the project management process
* Set up schedules, estimates, and budgets using Excel 2007
* Create Gantt charts, network diagrams, and scatter charts
* Assign teams, handle changes, and take corrective action
* Publish and archive project information using SharePoint

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