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Beginning Expression Web

date: 12 апреля 2007 / author: izograv / views: 4090 / comments: 0

Beginning Expression Web by Zak Ruvalcaba

Microsoft Expression Web gives you the tools to develop sophisticated sites that integrate standardized CSS layout with ASP.NET 2.0, XML, and SQL Server™ 2005. Written by an experienced ASP.NET and Dreamweaver Web developer, this book shows you how to take advantage of all of Expression Web’s innovative features to create a memorable online experience.

Zak Ruvalcaba provides you with expert tips and techniques on Web page structuring, page formatting using style sheets, utilizing HTML forms, and working with XML data. As you progress through each chapter, you’ll discover how to apply this information in order to design and develop new Web applications. Task-oriented examples are also integrated throughout the pages book that you can leverage as you build your own cutting-edge, standards-based Web site.

Some of the topics covered include:

* Working with Images, Media, and Hyperlinks
* Page Formatting Using Cascading Style Sheets
* Web Page Structuring Techniques by Using Tables
* Advanced Page Structuring Techniques by Using Layers and CSS
* Designing Table-less Web Sites by Using Layers and CSS
* Adding Interactivity with Behaviors including Call Script, Check Browser, Check Plug-in, Go To Url, Open Browser Window, and Preload Images
* Working with HTML Forms and Form Controls including input text and password, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop down boxes, and testing your forms
* Introduction to Web Application Development including client side, server side, and .NET introductions
* Accessing and Displaying Database Data including connecting to both Access and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition databases and working with DataSource Controls, List Bound controls, and data controls
* Inserting, Editing, and Deleting Database Data including working with the FormView and GridView controls
* Validating User Input with RequiredFieldValidator, CompareValidator, RangeValidator, ValidationSummary, RegularExpressionValidator, and CustomValidator controls
* Securing Your Web Applications including configuring application services and forms authentication
* Working with XML Data including binding XML data and working with RSS
* Building Accessible and Standards-Compliant Web Sites including accessibility testing

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