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Pro SharePoint 2003 Development Techniques

date: 11 апреля 2007 / author: izograv / views: 6463 / comments: 0

Pro SharePoint 2003 Development Techniques by Nikander Bruggeman, Margriet Bruggeman

With the passing of time, new and interesting topics related to SharePoint products and technologies have arisen, and Pro SharePoint 2003 Development Techniques is the first to cover them. This book discusses the landscape of SharePoint 2003 development in 2006 and beyond, integrating all of the new technologies that have become mainstream.

This book takes current technologies and applies them in a SharePoint context. This includes ASP.NET 2.0, the new version of SQL Server, and a matured InfoPath. Also covered are software factories, which are becoming popular, and Ajax-style web development, which is already popular.

The book also addresses BizTalk Server 2006--with its built-in SharePoint support and landscape of developing workflow applications--which will be changed forever with the upcoming Windows Workflow Foundation technology. You'll read about WWF and InfoPath integration with SharePoint 2003. And you'll learn how to develop BizTalk Server 2006--compatible workflows in SharePoint 2003. You'll also learn about domain-specific languages, guidance automation tools, and more.

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