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Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 A-Z

date: 4 апреля 2007 / author: izograv / views: 5521 / comments: 0

Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 A-Z: Tools and features illustrated ready reference
by Philip Andrews

If you are a digital camera enthusiast jumping into enhancement and manipulation, and looking for quick answers, this easy-to use, ready reference is for you. Its like having the author Philip Andrews sitting next to you, with his no-nonsense style, giving you practical, hands-on tips for getting striking images using Elements 5.0.

Make the most of your digital photos with these guidelines from one artist to another. Philips clear, full color screen grabs detail step-by-step features in actionin a real-world context. All content is completely revised and updated for Photoshop Elements 5.0.

With its clear and simple column format, you quickly learn how to troubleshoot as you develop your creations that will awe your colleagues, clients, family, and friends. Color-coded tabs make it easy to locate each tool and feature; each entry is cross-referenced to help you build a fuller understanding of how to use a tool, feature, menu, or invaluable shortcut key.

Packed with more than 1500 color images, insider tips, workarounds, and hidden gotchas, this book comes with FREE matching video tutorials for all editing and enhancement tasks featured in the book provided on a companion website (www.ElementsA-Z.com). Practice with the downloadable images and support material to put your new skills to use immediately. No more searching for an accompanying CD the resources and video tutorials are always available via the website no matter where you are.

Philip Andrews is a professional photographer, accomplished teacher, and best-selling international author. He is an alpha tester for the software and a Photoshop Elements Ambassador, making him one of Adobe's most trusted authors.

* Discover and master the tools and features in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 with this stunningly illustrated, full-color reference guide
* Have Philip sitting next to you, with this handy guide, written in his trademark no-nonsense style as he delivers hands-on tactics for Elements 5.0.
* Save time when trying to understand a function or toolsimply dip in and find the listing in this easy-to-use A-Z format
* Gain confidence with new features whether youre a beginner or intermediate
* Covers all the new features of Elements 5.0 and also can be used with any version of the software

Lists all the key tools and features of Photoshop Elements X - can be used with any version of the software

Save time with the colourful, easy-to-use A to Z format

Each entry lists shortcut keys, specifies which version of Photoshop Elements is applicable, includes screengrabs, clear step-by-step instructions of the features in action and cross references to other relevant entries

ps: действительно хорошее графическое оформление и компоновка, нечто вроде фака с картинками для чайников. Если кто знает такого же качества и стиля изложения книгу по фотошопу - черкните плиз в комментах.

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