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Linux Bible 2007 Edition

date: 2 апреля 2007 / author: izograv / views: 6157 / comments: 0

Linux Bible 2007 Edition: Boot up Ubuntu, Fedora, KNOPPIX, Debian, SUSE, and 11 Other Distributions by Christopher Negus

Master the basics and beyond with this in-depth guide

Linux is productive enough to use as your only desktop system and powerful enough to run entire corporate enterprise installations. Get the most out of Linux for your home, small business, or corporate computing needs with this comprehensive reference as your guide. Walk through 16 different Linux distributions, find step-by-step instructions, discover new programming tools—and tap into the world of free software. This is the book you need to succeed with Linux.

* Master Linux for desktops, servers, and workstations
* Find, install, and use tons of free and open source software
* Launch all your music, video, images, and documents in Linux
* Browse, e-mail, or chat over the Internet from a Linux desktop
* Set up your own e-mail and Web (LAMP) servers
* Make safe connections using firewalls and other security tools
* Run Linux on anything from an old PC to a high-end server

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