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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administrator's Companion

date: 8 2006 / author: izograv / views: 7209 / comments: 0

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administrator's Companion by Whalen, Garcia, Patel, Misner, Isakov

Your one-volume guide to planning, deployment, administration, and support.

Get your mission-critical databases up and running quickly with this essential, single-volume guide. This comprehensive administrators reference details features and capabilities of SQL Server 2005including how to implement business intelligence applications. It delivers the easy-to-follow procedures, practical workarounds, and key troubleshooting tactics you need for on-the-job-results.

Discover how to:
Perform an installation or upgrade, and configure it on the network
Plan and configure the I/O subsystem and model system capacity
Create and maintain databases, tables, views, and indexes
Administer transactions, deadlocks, and isolation levels
Manage users with logins, user IDs, schemas, permissions, and roles
Implement failover clustering, log shipping, and database mirroring for high availability
Manage and tune snapshot, transactional, and merge replication
Administer SQL Server Analysis Services and Reporting Services
Monitor, troubleshoot, and fine-tune performance

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