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Essential Windows Workflow Foundation

date: 16 2006 / author: izograv / views: 4796 / comments: 0

Essential Windows Workflow Foundation By Dharma Shukla, Bob Schmidt (Microsoft .NET Development Series)

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is a groundbreaking approach to writing and executing programs. WF programs are assembled out of resumable program statements called activities, which provide encapsulation of both domainspecific logic and control flow patterns reflective of real-world processes.

In Essential Windows Workflow Foundation, two WF lead architectsDharma Shukla and Bob Schmidtoffer an under-the-hood look at the technology, explaining the why and not just the how of WFs key concepts and architecture. Serious WF developers seeking details about how to effectively utilize and extend the framework by writing activities will find cogent explanations and answers here. With simple and illustrative examples, the authors demonstrate exactly how to leverage WFs extensible programming model to craft domain-specific programs. Drawing on their unique vantage point in designing and developing WF, Shukla and Schmidt deliver authoritative coverage of

*The core concepts and ideas that form the heart of WFs programming model
*The execution model for activities, with details of the activity automaton, bookmarking, scheduling, and the threading model of the WF runtime
*Advanced execution concepts, including activity execution contexts, transactions, persistence points, passivation, fault handling, cancellation, compensation, and synchronization
*Hosting the WF runtime in applications
*The activity component model, with details of validation, compilation, serialization, and visualization
*Databinding, XAML, dependency properties, and WF program metadata
*Declarative conditions and rules, activity designers, and designer hosting
*Custom control flow patterns ranging from simple sequencing and iteration to more complex graphs and state machines
*Dynamic editing of running WF program instances

Essential Windows Workflow Foundation is the definitive resource for developers seeking an in-depth understanding of this novel technology.

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