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Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server

date: 14 ноября 2006 / author: izograv / views: 6500 / comments: 0

Hitchhiker's Guide to Visual Studio and SQL Server: Best Practice Architectures and Examples, 7th edition By R. Vaughn William, Peter Blackburn

Since 1994 when he wrote his first "Hitchhiker's Guide", William Vaughn has been providing developers all over the world the intimate details of how SQL Server can be accessed and managed from RAD languages like Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET. With the 7th Edition, Bill has completely rewritten this encyclopedic work from cover to covergiving readers his insightful views on how applications should be built to maximize both developer and code performance. Visual Studio and the languages it hosts have never been as sophisticated as they are todaythe same can be said for SQL Server. This makes it even more important for developers to understand how to best leverage their features without being held back by their complexity. That's what this book is all aboutmaking it easier for developers regardless of their know-how.

The 7th edition is unique in that it's designed to provide not only up-to-date tutorials on the latest development tools provided by Visual Studio and SQL Server, but also a solid platform of architectural advice and rich examples for developers trying to choose between the myriad of platform options. Beginners and experts alike will find comprehensive step-by-step instructions that can make the reader's introduction to the latest versions of Visual Studio and SQL Server far easier.

Key topic coverage includes:

• Data access architectures and how to choose the best strategy for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, XML Web Services, and SQL Server CLR executables. Where do these make sense and how much will they cost to build and maintain?

• SQL Server and relational database fundamentals and inner-machinery. How does SQL Server work and why is it important that developers know?

• Making the development experience more productive through judicious use of the Visual Studio toolset, and how to know when the wizards can help.

• Using the latest ADO.NET data provider efficiently and safely.

• How to protect the security of your databaseand your jobby avoiding common mistakes.

• How to build secure, efficient, scalable applications in less time with fewer resourceshow to create faster code faster.

• How to leverage the potential of SQL Server CLR executables and knowing when these features make sense.

• How to work with your DBA to maintain database integrity and security.

• Working with the new Visual Studio report controls to expose your organization's data safely and easily with or without leveraging existing SQL Server Reporting Services technology.

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