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Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2005

date: 23 сентября 2006 / author: izograv / views: 6205 / comments: 0

Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2005
by Andrew Brust, Stephen Forte.

This thorough, hands-on reference for developers and database administrators teaches the basics of programming custom database applications with Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

It includes in-depth coverage of new programmability features-including integration with the Microsoft .NET Framework. In addition, this essential guide covers Transact-SQL, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Service Broker, Notification Services, Integration Services, Reporting Services, OLAP, and Data Mining.

The authors have extensive experience with SQL Server 2005, having worked with the technology since the earliest code, and share their expert insight into SQL Server programmability, including SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition. You'll get real-world examples and see how to draw from your existing skills and knowledge to exploit new SQL Server technology, enhance your database security, and debug with Visual Studio 2005. This book includes extensive code samples.

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